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Tired of local and regional news coverage focusing on the negative  in New Castle, local father, teacher, and businessman Angelo Perrotta decided to start NCRadio450 and NCTV45 in order to restore New Castle’s image and lead the rebuilding of his community. 

The mission of NCTV45 & NCRadio450 is to provide a variety of programming relevant to the City of New Castle and Lawrence County that informs, educates, and entertains.  The internet format offers viewers the flexibility to watch programming at their convenience.   NCRadio450 and NCTV45 is here to serve the community in a constructive manner by promoting positive aspects of the community and confronting the issues that hurt the community and People of the Greater New Castle Area as well as the rest of Lawrence County.

We invite all viewers to “tune in” through your preferred multimedia platform.  Support us in our mission to strengthen our community. 

For more information on sponsoring NCTV45 and  NCRadio450, contact Angelo at:

(724) 510-7345

Majestic Apartments 134 North Mercer Street Suite 132

New Castle, PA